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Collect a sample from the surface of the vagina using the sterile polyester swab provided in the AmniSure ROM kit o Remove the sterile swab from its package following instructions on the package o The polyester tip should not touch anything prior to insertion into vagina o Hold the swab in the middle of the stick and, while
4.0 Patient Preparation And Specimen Collection AMNISURE POC.PC.17. M:\Departments\Marketing\Webdata\POCNet Web on N Drive\procedures\AmniSureROMProcedure.doc. Page 2 of 8 gnant kground level in .. compromised or whenever kits have not been stored according to manufacturer instructions.
1 Sep 2015 4.1 Collection supplies including PPE and gloves. 4.2 AmniSure Test packages. 4.3 Timer. 4.4 Biohazard container. 5.0 Required Reagents and Instructions for Preparation. 5.1 Sterile Dacron vaginal swab (included in kit). 5.2 Solvent vials that contain 0.9%NaCl, 0.01% Triton x100, and 0.05%NaN3.
AMNISURE® ROM TEST (PAMG-1 TEST). Specimen Collection. Checklist. There are no cleansing agents or medicines applied that could destroy the sample. Procedural timing is strictly followed. That the provided sterile swab touches nothing prior to insertion. There is no significant blood admixture. PROCEDURE: STEP
The sample is collected by placing the swab into the vagina for 15 seconds. The swab is then mixed into a vial All instructions should be followed carefully for accurate results. • Each ROM Plus test kit is single use and .. 8. Lee SM, Lee J, Seong HS, Lee SE, et al. The clinical significance of a false positive AmniSure.
The AmniSure ROM Test solves a long-standing problem in obstetric practice - accurately diagnosing ruptured fetal membranes (ROM). Learn more now.
The AmniSure ROM Test is a rapid, non-invasive immunoassay that aids clinicians in diagnosing ROM in pregnant women. Learn more about AmniSure today.
Specimen: Cervicovaginal secretions. Collection Instructions: Requires AmniSure Collection Kit that includes Dacron swab, liquid vial and test strip. 1. Insert Dacron swab 2 to 3 inches into the vagina. 2. Allow swab to remain in vagina for one minute then withdraw. 3. Place swab tip into liquid vial and rotate for one minute.
AmniSure® test relies on its sensitivity threshold, which is set at the low level of 5 ng/ml (while the background cervico-vaginal concentration of PAMG-1 is only 0.05-0.22 ng/ml). Can samples be stored for subsequent testing? Whenever possible, the AmniSure® test should be performed imme- diately after sample collection
Use AmniSure for accurate, easy-to-interpret, quick, non-invasive ROM detection. Early diagnoses enable clinicians to prevent complications! Learn more today!

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