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We ordered the Lenovo w540 with 3K display as a replacement for our returned M4800 and are awaiting delivery. You can also get their t540 with 3K display at a very good price. We ordered one of those also for another user. We also considered the new hi-res ZBook, but HP Canada does not import the
5 Nov 2014
3 Oct 2013 I realize the W540 has yet to be released, but I want to know what factors it needs to be the clear choice over the m4800. I think it aesthetically looks better, and is a pound lighter. I will be using it as a mobile desktop, so the fact that Lenovo's docks seem in general to be better is a plus. If the w540 has a
Compare Lenovo ThinkPad W540 20BG0011US 15.6" Mobile Workstation Notebook Computer vs Dell Precision M4800 730-7574 15.6" Workstation Notebook Computer vs HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT 15.6" Mobile Workstation vs HP ZBook F2R90UT 14" Mobile Workstation.
In either the Lenovo or Dell case, I'd upgrade the machine using a 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD I already own, and probably add a 1 TB SSD as well down the line (using a mini card on . I have wasted hours, NO, DAYS, and now use the W540 as a dumb terminal or super Chromebook type machine.
12 May 2017 The flagship Dell Precision 17 comes with a 4K UHD display, can tote 4TB of storage, and is available with either i5, i7, or Xeon 7th generation processors and up to Since purchasing the ThinkPad product line from IBM, Lenovo has worked to keep up its reputation among business and engineers alike.
Review Dell Precision M4800 Notebook Notebookcheck Notebook Forum. 1 TB or 512 SSD SAT A3 With the above I think my choices are: - HP Z Book 15 - Toshiba Tecra W50-A1500 - Lenovo ThinkPad W540 - Dell M4800 Any help? To me it . According to the manual, mSATA part is SATA2 interface.
6 Mar 2015 The ThinkPad W541 basically uses the same chassis, which means Lenovo did not improve the weaknesses of the ThinkPad W540 in the area of the .. However, the alternative from AMD is still not available for the Lenovo ThinkPad W541, which means you will have to choose a Dell Precision M4800 or
Generally prefer centered keyboard * p50 keyboard will be great; dell is unknown (to me) * precision is a pound lighter, narrower, and thinner * p50 has . As a M4800 owner the 7510 appears to be a step back in some regards, many M4800 owners are quite upset with the changes that Dell made.
The difference between the two is minimal (as one might expect: the W541 CPUs are one rev level above the W540, e.g. 4810-MQ vs 4800-MQ). . Other machines that I considered were the Dell M4800 (which had some throttling issues and a bad display bug along with lack of nvidia Optimus support),