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18 Nov 2016 Killing Floor 2's most powerful enemy, Patriarch, will be one of the toughest challenges in the entire game. Here are some tips to taking down
You basically just lay into him. Chase him when he runs away and keep doing damage to him. He doesn't heal all the damage you do,
Anyone know of guides out there to look at? First time fighting this guy in KF2 and he just wiped my body across the map on a HoE match. I'm
22 Oct 2017 The Patriarch is one of the three bosses faced at the end of a standard Killing Floor 2 survival game. Compared to his appearance in the first
Now, proceed to shoot the Patriarch until he has about 35% health left. Make sure .. Method is decribed in one of the guides from other sites.
16 Sep 2017 Killing Floor 2 boss guide Patriarch. Don't let these brutish bosses bust your butt! Killing Floor 2, the stellar co-op horde shooter, features two
25 Apr 2016 You can help the Killing Floor Wiki by editing it. Try to find cover, even before the opening Patriarch sequence. Occasionally, he may open
14 Jan 2014 Killing Floor This guide is mostly aimed at the players that are comfortable with the game and are trying to learn more. Understanding your class's role in the Patriarch slap-down match and the special moves your class
21 Jun 2017