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erudite. ??r?d??t/. adjective. adjective: erudite. {C}1. Having or showing great knowledge or learning. NOW AVAILABLE! the first of a guide series based in on-the-ground knowledge, curated with intelligence and taste. The Erudite Travel Guide to Southern Tasmania is a pocket-sized all killer (no filler) guide to Hobart
18 May 2017
6 Apr 2014 For example, your primary weapon for the first few levels should be your self-trained warhorse. A light horse is 75gp, but can be trained into a light warhorse with time. Hoof hoof bite on command for 75 gp is not horrible. Read the handle animal guide and pretend you're a druid. Given that, with time, you
Level 1-4, maybe 5 in the Paineel newbie grounds Levels 5-6 in Toxx Levels 8 plus in Erud's Crossing. I'm stuck trying to find a good place to level from 6-7. Giant snakes are massive undercons and are about the only thing that still gives exp in Tox because everything else is green.
Anyway, while it would be nice to see all the best powers and spells cherry-picked into sets for erudite use, the fact that you can know an unlimited amount and that an erudite can do virtually anything a psion or wizard can means that any power or spell that merits notice on either a psion or wizard guide
19 Jan 2015 Carnivore prefered Carmindine over Tashalatora for Psions, but I forget now where he analysed that :plot maybe it's buried somewhere in the oldest wotc Psion guide. The 6 Psion Disciplines can take their specific acfs I'd assume (?) an Erudite would need one of the Favored Disciplines to do that.
If anything the erudite-psion comparison is a greater difference because they effectively 'prepare' their spells at the moment of casting. Pretty sure JaronK's old guide had erudite listed as Tier 2 if it didn't take a particular alternate class feature, and it's frankly just a result of his self-admitted lack of psionics
29 Jun 2007 As they live their lives by those ideals, so too do the ideals guide their psionic development. They seek out others who share those .. The erudite uses her manifester level for determining the effects of the spell being manifested, with one significant exception. Spells that deal a number of dice of damage