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This yarn is a staple in many a stash! Patons Classic Wool Worsted is trusted by fiber enthusiasts far and wide for its versatility and value. Boasting a generous 210 yards per ball, you'll have no shortage of soft, supple, temperature-regulating wool at your disposal, as you work up treasured sweaters, durable throws and
If a skein of 100% wool doesn't indicate that it will or will not felt, does it? I have a skein of Paton's Classic Wool Worsted 100% Wool and am wondering how well it will felt. Thank you for your answers. One way to test wool yarn for feltability is to snip off a small bit. about 3-4 inches is good enough. Wet it in the palm of your
Patons Classic Wool yarn is ideal for felting, knitting, crocheting or other worsted weight projects.
Felted Shopping Bag in Patons Classic Wool Worsted | Knitting Patterns | LoveKnitting.
6 Apr 2009 Featured on April 22 & 23, 2009 calendar pages. Direct PDF link. Warm, punchy shades and stripe and diamond pattern echo the beauty of the Southwestern desert. Approx. 16 in (40.5 cm) wide x 12 in (30.5 cm) tall, excluding handles. Shown in Patons Classic Wool knit using size 5 mm needles. (Patons
Technique Tutorial: how to felt a knitted or crocheted piece. * This tutorial explains how to felt an item that you have knitted or crocheted first. It can also be used to recycle an old wool scarf or sweater, which you can use as is or refashion with your sewing machine. You will need. 0 a completed knitted or crocheted project
yarn for felting. Bonnie@CB Portraits 9:05pm, 24 October 2008. I want to make a felted purse. I know the yarn needs to be 100% wool, but I didn't know what the difference was in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride also felts well altho not nearly as well as Patons Classic Wool. . Are felting projects generally knitted very loose?
6 Apr 2008 Learn everything you need to know about choosing and felting yarn for a felting knitting project in this exclusive article by Sandi Wiseheart.
100% pure and premium wool makes this one of Patons' finest yarns. The timeless shade range and the supreme quality make for classic yet contemporary garments and accessories. It's also the hidden gem in the world of felting, as this is the ideal yarn for fabulous felted projects. Weight: Medium (4). Contents: 100% wool.
Here's the info on one site it does seem that since it is hand-wash that it would felt. Patons Classic Wool Worsted is a soft, premium 100% wool yarn. With a versatile worsted weight and a wide shade range, Patons Classic Wool Worsted is perfect for garments, accessories, and home decor projects. Content: 100% wool