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8 Feb 2007 ChessBase has recently (as of this writing) released a passel of instructional disks on DVD. All of these disks ultilize the Chess Media System method of intruction. If you've not yet experienced a Chess Media System DVD, here's a basic rundown of how they work. You launch ChessBase, one of the Fritz
Items 1 - 36 of 59 Chess DVDs for Beginners. Foxy Openings - Volume 166 - Learn Chess in One Hour. Chess Basics for Beginners - Chess Lecture - Volume 133.
Items 1 - 36 of 43 General Chess Instruction on DVD.
Items 1 - 36 of 55 E-DVD MASTER METHOD - The Sokolov Method – GM Ivan Sokolov - Over 15 hours of Content! Add to Cart. | Add to Compare · Important Principals in Chess Front. $14.95
Of course, each bestselling chess DVD can be viewed on a PC or laptop computer as well. These high quality chess DVDs are hosted by well known chess Grandmasters and titled chess players, so you're getting the best chess instruction videos anywhere. Below you'll find several chess DVD bestsellers, and one of these
Grandmaster Damian Lemos has put together an exceptionally organized DVD course that features over 27 hours of elite GM instruction combined with the highest quality production on the market. This chess DVD course is especially effective for beginner players because it emphasizes holistic growth as a chess player.
  by watching grandmasters share their lines of play! (Well, you'd probably learn more by setting up your chessboard and playing the moves while you watch) For instruction or entertainment, Chess House has the largest selection of chess movies and DVD's you can add to your personal library and enjoy over and over!
I have only experience of half a dozen Chessbase DVD's and although the 3 Powerplay ones by Dan King are entertaining, the others I have are just 'watching somebody make moves with a mouse for ?40' fodder. Karsten Muller is particularly irritating in this regard, I realise he is wanting the viewer to solve
Brought to you by Kevin at, this 10 disc DVD set was designed to teach the game of chess; everything from basics to advanced strategy and tactics. DVD Set Includes: Exclusive In depth videos. Analysis of Basics, Openings, Middle Game, End Game, Famous Games; ~20 hours of chess instruction to
I was watching Nigel's DVD for ChessBase on the Exchange Variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined. This is one of my favorite ChessBase DVDs. Rather than focusing on long variations, this is a DVD that is all about ideas and plans. It's an excellent openings DVD for improving chess players. One of the clips goes